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Emergency Beauty Kit: Work

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By Andrea Lara

There is a lot of thought and speculation about what goes into the perfect “Emergency Beauty Kit.”  Most of this pertains to a kit that will come in handy on a red carpet. Well, I’m not sure about you, but I am not in the habit of frequenting awards shows and movie premieres – much to my chagrin. Nevertheless, I do need an Emergency Beauty Kit with me on a date, at the gym, and at work. It is only partially about vanity; these kits help keep me comfortable.

The Work Kit:

The contents of your Work Kit are going to vary depending on what you do for a job. I am tailoring this section for a work environment in an
office or classroom; that being said, feel free to email me with questions for a more specific Work Kit geared towards your career and lifestyle.

As we approach the warmer months, and the lovely humidity that goes with them, looking polished at work can be a challenge depending on the commute you have and whether or not you can hibernate in air conditioning all day. One product to keep with you in your Work Kit is Blotting Papers. They absorb the oil/sweat from your skin without taking off your makeup. You want to pat them on the skin – not wipe – to ensure that your makeup doesn’t smudge. This is a quick fix to help keep you looking fresh as a daisy.

A great pick-me-up before that afternoon meeting or dinner with clients is to re-apply some eye cream. Throughout the day, that lack of sleep or stress from your morning conference call can catch up with you, and the first place you are going to see it is under the eye. When you have a spare 10 seconds (if you don’t have a spare 10 seconds – make the time – you deserve it), take out your eye cream and gently pat it under the eye (if you pat it, your concealer with stay intact). This will leave you looking and feeling refreshed and rehydrated.

A toothbrush and toothpaste take up too much space to keep them in your Work Kit; this is the next best thing: the Colgate Wisp. It is a disposable, one time use tooth brush with the toothpaste already applied. It comes in packs of 2 and in 5 flavors of toothpaste. You can brush anywhere, anytime, no water needed – truly ingenious.

Lip color! I like to keep two different lip glosses in my Work Kit: one for day and one to transition me to evening. I am a huge fan of Stila Lip Glaze – great color, great gloss, and each one (there are 30) has a different delicious scent to energize you throughout the day. My go-to day color is Watermelon, a sheer light pink, and my evening color is Black Cherry -reportedly also Angie Harmon’s – not too shabby.  You will become addicted to these puppies – consider yourself warned.

My feet are blister prone (thank you narrow heel, high instep, and low ankle bone!) which proves to be extremely unhelpful when I want to wear my latest shoe obsession. Regular bandages do not help; they simply do not stay in place and become more aggravating to re-adjust than dealing with the blister pain in the first place. Bless the individual who created the Band-Aid line of blister care products. There are two products that I have in my Work Kit at all times, the First Aid Friction Block Stick which you put on the areas where you think you might develop a blister, and the Advanced Healing Blister Cushions; these suckers do not move and work with the blister to help it heal. No more emergency shoe buying in the middle of the day because your heels have become a torture device.

Hopefully, now we can keep the emergencies to a minimum and the troubleshooting to a maximum. We’re savvy, we can do it.

Happy Shopping!


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