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Healthy Living Part 3: 8 Ways to Find a Positive Attitude

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By Dr. P

Have you been feeling a little down or sluggish?  It could be that your attitude needs an adjustment.  It’s easy enough to say that we all need to have a positive attitude, but how is a positive attitude achieved?  It has a lot to do with the first two steps of healthy living: eating well and exercising.  Eating well and exercising both decrease stress, and decreased stress leads to a positive attitude.

1)  One of the best things we can do to decrease stress is to get enough sleep.  People need at least seven hours of sleep on a daily basis.  Sleep is when the body works on healing itself; sleep allows the mind to relax which, in turn, allows a brighter outlook on life.

 2)  Exercise increases our endorphins and our feel good hormones. It also increases our energy levels, so if you are at work and things are not going well, increase your activity level.  Get up and pace while on the phone, take a walk around the office, or go up and down a couple of flights of stairs.  These activities will make you feel better and create a better mood for you.

3)  Having close bonds with others is another key to happiness.  Reach out to others. Send a quick email. Call a friend and chat for a few minutes. Write in a journal about something that’s irritating you. This process will help you get it off your mind and let you move on.  Sometimes in the midst of doing this, you will find the solution to the irritation. If you are upset about something, you’ll probably spend more than 5 minutes brooding about it, so instead, try doing something during that five minutes to make it go away.

4)  Rid yourself of that nagging task.  Hate the mess in the family room?  Set the timer for 10 minutes and see what all you can get accomplished in that time.  Then stop.  You will have accomplished something, you will feel better about it, and you will have a sense of success.

5)  Do a good deed.  Nothing makes people feel better than helping someone else out.  Let the person behind you in line with 2 things check out in front of you at the store.  Grab the door for someone. Let the other person trying to get into the close parking place have it.  You get the benefit of knowing you made them happy and the benefit of exercising by walking a little further.

6)  Sing with the radio. Studies have shown that people who sing in the car have fewer accidents, arrive calmer, and have less irritation with the other drivers on the road. Music makes people feel happy.

7)  When you don’t feel happy, try acting happy.   Get up and get moving.  Fake it:  before you know it, you’ll feel better and actually find yourself smiling and laughing.

 8)  If these ideas don’t work to increase your positive attitude, go see your doctor. You may need to have your thyroid function checked or just find some better living through pharmacology.  Depression happens.  It can be genetic, situational or environmentally induced.  If you find yourself having more “bad days” than good days, or can’t find any motivation, go see your doctor.   There is nothing wrong with admitting you are depressed or have tendencies toward depression.  You wouldn’t fault your best friend for being depressed, so don’t fault yourself!

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