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Handy iPhone Apps for College Students

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Here at Real Life 101, we’re absolutely addicted to our iPhones. But with so many apps out there, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve complied a list of some of our favorite, and most useful, iPhone apps for college students.

PosiMotion’s G-Park: If you brought your car to school, you may have already spent an afternoon wandering through parking lots trying to remember where you parked. With this $0.99 app, you can park anywhere, click the “Park Me!” button, and later hit the “Where Did I Park?” button to find your car! An excellent buy for students on large campuses.

Pandora: A classic favorite, this app provides free streaming music. Pick just about any genre or artist, and Pandora creates a specialized station just for you! The classical station is excellent for those nights in the library, and Top Hits is our choice for those long treks across campus. Pandora is available for Blackberry and Android too!

Pizza Finder: Pizza is the perfect meal for just about any occasion: a long all-nighter in the library, getting ready for a night on the town, or late night munchies after a night on the town. This FREE app uses your location to provide a list of restaurants and phone numbers to access that cheesy pizza you’ve been craving, instantly!

MyFitnessPal: If you’re worried about the Freshman 15, never fear with this FREE app. MyFitnessPal gives you the option to set a goal weight, and record your caloric intake and exercise habits. The app lists thousands of food options, and you’ll be able to find nutrition facts for just about any meal (we just looked up the calories in a Chik-fil-A chicken sandwich… Yikes). This app will be available soon for Blackberry too.

Fandango: This convenient, FREE app uses your location to list theatres and movie times in your area. An easy way to plan the perfect date night! Fandango can be used with Blackberry and Android.

Kik: If you or a friend is planning to study abroad, you might want to consider downloading this FREE app. Using text messaging when you’re out of the country can be very expensive, but if you are dying to tell your best friend about that crazy night in Barcelona, consider sending them a message using Kik! Kik uses your data plan to send messages rather than your texting plan, so messages can be cheaper, or even free, to send from anywhere! Kik is also available for Android.

HeyTell: iPhones give you access to connect with your friends in a wide variety of mediums: texting, calling, even FaceTime! And now, this FREE app allows you to use your phone like a walkie-talkie to send instant voice messages to your pals. An easy and time-effective way to plan a time to meet your friend down the hall for dinner, or drop a quick hello to a friend from home! HeyTell can also be used with Android phones.